How to save your coins?



Today in this post we show you how to keep your coins safe

Save Coins Currency - Free photo on Pixabay

1. Keep in a dry place. There is no need to look for a special place, just avoid storing the coins in the kitchen, bathroom or other humid place in the house. It may seem silly, but I have seen three sets of series from 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1971 (valued at around 18,000 euros) full of rust from having spent 40 years stored behind a fake kitchen tile.

2. Use materials specially created for numismatics. There are companies specialized in numismatic material that are exclusively concerned with creating products to save coins. The best known internationally is Leuchtturm. They use plastics and materials suitable for coins, so it makes no sense to gamble with other products that do not offer guarantees to save two pesetas.

3. Keep out of the reach of children and anyone who does not value numismatics. While I love that children learn through coins, there is nothing that scares me more than a child handling a quality coin.


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